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Who Needs a Costco Audit?             

 Any site that produces a product directly for Costco, or produces a product for a buyer which may be put on Costco’s shelves under another label will need to have a Costco Audit.  

CERT ID is able to help you with your Costco audit needs.  The Costco Addendum is available to you through CERT ID when you have your GFSI Audit with us.  We can also schedule an auditor to do your Costco GMP or Small Supplier Audit. 

If you plan to have a Costco Addendum done in conjunction with your initial or yearly renewal certification with either SQF, BRC or GLOBALG.A.P., or if you need to have a GMP or Small Supplier audit for the purpose of supplying to Costco (because you don’t have a GFSI certification program in place). Download the latest version of the Costco Food Safety Expectations here Costco-FS-Expectations-Final-9-3-14-highlighted-revisions .  We have highlighted the revisions that are now added to the current September, 2014 version.
 Starting October 1, auditors will be auditing against these requirements.  Please be aware of two important changes:

(1)    HACCP training must have been taken within the last five years.  If you do not meet this qualification, you may do your new training through on-line providers.   

CERT ID offers online HACCP training
(2) Costco has initiated Unannounced GMP audits starting October 1.  Information about these two items is included in the newest Costco Food Safety Expectations.
Contact CERT ID for pricing for the Costco audits listed below:
Submitted through ASPIRAGO
Costco Addendum (done in conjunction with your GFSI food safety audit)                                         
Costco Small Supplier or GMP Audit (1 day)  .
 Submitted through AZZULE
Fresh Produce (fruits and vegetables)*                                                                                                
*For produce and fruits facilities (SQF sites that are a Category 3 or 4, BRC sites that are a Category 5, and GLOBALG.A.P. sites) also need Costco but they have another addendum they must meet the requirements of.  Download here Costco_Produce_Food_Safety_Audit_Expectations

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