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BRC Storage and Distribution

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The BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution is designed for companies that store and/or distribute food, consumer products and packaging material.

This Standard is designed to promote best practice and facilitate a process of continuous improvement through well designed risk-based product safety management systems. The goal of the Standard is to ensure that the quality and safety of products during their storage and distribution is maintained. Certification to this Standard is an indication to buyers and consumers that the supplier has met rigorous international benchmarks in best practice, risk assessment and quality system.

In the Introduction to the Standard, the BRC identifies the following benefits of certification to the Standard:
  1. It is an internationally recognized Standard which provides a report and certification that can be accepted by buyers in place of their own second-party audits – reducing the time and cost involved with multiple, second-party audits.
  2. The comprehensive scope, covering areas of quality, hygiene and product safety, provides a benchmark to best practice in storage and distribution industries.
  3. When effectively adopted, it can reduce damage and waste, thereby reducing cost.
  4. Greater credibility and recognition are achieved with certification.
  5. Certificated sites may appear in the BRC directory allowing recognition of their achievement and the use of a BRC logo for marketing purposes.
  6. Certification addresses the due diligence requirements of both the certificated company and the buyer.
  7. Ongoing surveillance and follow-up corrective actions after an audit help to ensure that a self-improving quality, hygiene and product safety system is established.
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