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BRC Training for Food Safety Certification Preparation

Customized training is designed to give you the confidence and certainty that your company is ready to pass the certification audit.  Professional trainers teach the key fundamentals of the Standard and how to avoid common non-conformances. In addition, qualified auditors can conduct a pre-assessment audit, which is a useful mechanism to identify and correct non-conformances before the actual certification audit ever begins.

After you have read and understood the Standard, a great place to begin is with a preliminary self-assessment conducted by your own food safety team.  The self-assessment uses the actual Standard, and is of great value preparing your company for the certification audit.  There's no fee involved. Any areas of non-conformity can then be addressed by your team. Thereafter, for further information and guidance to ensure compliance with the Standard, CERT ID LC can provide assistance with (1) a pre-assessment audit; (2) the BRC Enrollment Program; and (3) on-site or off-site training. These options are explained below.

  1. Is not mandatory, but is recommended to determine your readiness for your official audit.
  2. Can assist in identifying gaps in the supplier’s system so the corrective action can occur before engaging the full certification audit.
  3. Can be conducted using internal resources, your consultant or auditor.
Enrolment Program (BRC)
  1. The Enrolment Program is designed only for those companies that have not previously been certificated to Issue 6 of the BRC Standard.
  2. It is recognized that many sites need a little time to develop their food safety systems and culture to meet the full BRC certification requirements. This program allows a company to take as much time as they need to become compliant. Annual audits are required, but do not count towards actual certification unless the company passes the audit and likes the score.
  3. The registration for this enrollment is carried out by CERT ID LC and is listed on the BRC Directory along with the proposed audit date. It enables access to information provided by the BRC on the Standards.
  4. The audit is undertaken at a date agreed upon in advance and could lead, if successful, to certification.
  5. The Enrolment Program allows for the generation of an audit report and score card that are uploaded onto the BRC Directory within 49 days of the audit. These may then be shared with customers and can be used to demonstrate and monitor the progressive development of the food safety system towards eventual certification.
CERT ID LC recommends that BRC training be sought through a BRC approved training establishment (ATE). ATEs are licensed by the BRC and provide accurate information and training related to the BRC Standards. These training programs are designed by the BRC and assures delegates attending these training courses that the information they receive is accurate and in line with the BRC Standards.

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