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About BRC and GFSI

Global Recognition and Acceptance with GFSI and BRC

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the leading trade association for UK retailing.  Although the BRC food safety standard began in the UK, it is now recognized as a global standard.  There are over 17,000 BRC certified sites worldwide, and a large network of BRC certification bodies in 90 countries. BRC initially developed its Global Standard for Food Safety in order to help the food industry meet legislative requirements of the EU General Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act. 

This standard is recognized as a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmarked food safety scheme and has been accepted by 8 major international retailers: Carefour, Tesco, ICA, Metro, Migros, Ahold, Walmart and Delhaize.

The GFSI is a project led by the business forum CIES to harmonize international food safety standards and reduce the need for multiple supplier audits. The CIES members include leading retailer organizations and food manufacturers.

Rather than create another standard, the GFSI Technical Committee identified the key components necessary for good food safety standards and the operating protocols for the delivery of certification and created a benchmarking document. Standard owners such as the BRC were invited to submit their standard for benchmarking.

The BRC was the first standard to be recognized as meeting the GFSI benchmark. Benchmarking to GFSI ensures that the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is accepted by many of the world’s biggest retail groups, e.g., Walmart. The BRC’s ability to react to changing food safety concerns, meet customer requirements, and yet provide a simple, easy-to-follow process for manufacturers, has resulted in the Standard becoming one of the most popular GFSI standards.

The Standard provides benefits not only for the retail industry, but also for food manufacturers, importers, caterers, ingredient suppliers and the food service industry. It is currently used by suppliers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Far East, North and South America and Australia. Offering this truly global standard fits perfectly with CERT ID’s worldwide certification activities, and is an international mark of excellence for the certificate holder.

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