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CERT ID LC an Iowa Limited Liability Company is an independent third-party certification body offering certification services to GFSI benchmarked food safety standards. CERT ID LC has over 15 years of experience in food safety certification services and is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited.  

Once you have selected the certification standard, CERT ID LC will work with your timelines in scheduling the audit and completing the CERT ID LC application. This application allows you to include private label addendums conducted in conjunction with the audit e.g. Costco GFSI Addendum.

Prior to the audit, it is very important to accurately identify the food category and scope of your products and processes to be certified. 
Based on the application, CERT ID LC will:
1. Determine the duration of the audit
2. Define the products and processes (scope) of the certification
3. Schedule your audit(s)
4. Select the appropriate auditor
5. Create a Service Proposal
The duration of the audit is determined by the size of the production area, HACCP Plan(s) and number of employees. Additional time may be added for off-site processing and storage. Each GFSI food safety benchmarked standard has defined food and product categories which help to define the scope. Once the scope has been determined, your audit can be scheduled with the appropriate auditor.  Auditors must be trained and registered for the standard and food category appropriate to the application. CERT ID has a robust training and approval process to insure that auditors are fully trained and registered. Your Service Proposal provides the certification details defining both the certifier’s and applicant’s rights and responsibilities. Certification fees are also detailed in the Proposal.
Your auditor will:
6. Verify conformance to the GFSI standard
7. Provide a list of non-conformances
8. Review Corrective Actions
During your audit, the auditor will verify conformance to the GFSI standard in a professional and timely manner. The auditor will provide a list of non-conformances at the closing meeting.  Non-conformances must be corrected to continue the certification process. Your auditor must close out all non-conformances before the certification decision can be made.
CERT ID LC will: 
  9. Determine Certification Status
10. Notify you of the certification decision
11. Upload your report, certificate and/or corrective actions
12. Keep you updated of requirements related to your certification
13. Send reminder notice of your certificate expiry date and renewal date range.

CERT ID LC  will review the report, corrective actions and auditor notes to determine the certification decision.  The official certificate is mailed directly to you and a .pdf copy of the certificate and your report will be emailed. Your certificate will provide essential certification data such as scope, category, and certificate expiry date.  CERT ID will assist you in uploading your certification information into web-based networks such as; BRC Directory, EtQ, The GLOBALG.A.P. Database, Aspirago, Azzule and iCiX at no additional cost to you. CERT ID LC will notify you when it is time to schedule your renewal audit. Keeping you informed of changes that affect your certification is important to CERT ID LC.
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