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Welcome to CERT ID LC-CORE Food Safety Series

In addition to BRC and SQF Audit Certification, CERT ID LC offers a variety of resources to simplify food safety training and certification.  Contact us at

BRC Global Standards Online Shop has an invaluable range of publications available, packed with information vital to businesses and professionals.

Accredited HACCP Alliance training-available online through CERT ID LC
-Covers all required elements for 2-day classroom HACCP training
-Ideal tool for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Coordinators, Team Leaders, Team Members and Staff
-Accessible when and where you need it, available 24-7-365. Enroll in minutes
-Ideal for 1-1000. Our built-in administration area allows corporate users to track    progress, results and completion dates for staff online.
-Printable certificate upon course completion. A version suitable for framing is mailed with the Alliance seal
-Proceed at your own pace and around your own schedule.
-Integrated testing modules( one per unit) allows you to review and retain important concepts
-Comprehensive links and reference materials to support the building and maintenance of your plans
docON -Document Control
Comply with document requirements quickly and easily. Ideal for SQF, BRC and GFSI required documents.

-GFSC Group and CERT ID LC are pleased to introduce docON an alternative to managing the never ending avalanche of paper documentation.
Specifically designed to streamline and efficiently organize the required document auditing process, docON offers an innovative, user-friendly software platform never before available to the food processing industry. For more information e-mail or call 641-241-1899.